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“I just wanted to thank you. I feel so much stronger in so many ways.
You have really helped me so much.
I am healing, thanks to you and Ann [chiropractor].
Feeling so blessed.
” – Jessica S.

Where do you want to begin?

“Reclaim Your Etheric Energy”

Reclaim Your Etheric Energy:
Cut the Cords

Although this process isn’t just about negative cords, we create so many etheric cords with people, places, and things, that it’s always a good idea to regularly cut our cords.

What are positive energetic cords? They’re attachments with like-minded people, with our passions, great adventures, and in those cords, we bind to others with respect, excitement, courage, and power.

Negative cords are easy to detect as we often experience physical symptoms of dis-comfort in the heart, throat, or solar plexus chakras as a result of connections that don’t feed our higher purpose.

As its name suggests, energy should energize, not exhaust you. When you feel drained, anxious with negative emotions or sensations, take it as a sign to start cutting energy cords and reclaim your energy. 

“Living MY Story” Program

Passion, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem,
Joy, Happiness

From the day you were born, your parents consciously or unconsciously told you a story about who you are and what you were capable of. This story was their version of who you were, who you were going to be, and the possibilities, or lack of, for your life and it became your reality. Maybe it’s time to create a new reality.

When you take my “Living My Story” program:
* I will guide you to identify the life you WANT to be living.
* You will discover what’s stopping you.
* You will create new habits of the YOU in your new life story.
* We will discover your higher values and use them to motivate and inspire you to make those changes.
* You will write and record your new life story based on your desires and self-empowering new habits and listen to it 2 or more times each day.

“Re-Invent Yourself” Program

Have fun as you learn to
live your Best Life

The impetus to reinvent ourselves is driven by our desire to change or altogether eliminate old patterns and behaviors. Underneath those are negative beliefs you probably learned as a toddler about yourself, other people, and how the world operates. It’s time to upgrade those beliefs to support a new life.

During my “Re-invent Your Life” program:
* I will guide you to discover the origins of your negative mindsets and beliefs about money, relationships, health, and/or yourself and change them.
* We will identify your highest values.
* You will ceremonially cut energetic cords.
* You will change bad habits and create new habits that support your new version.
* You will find your purpose, have confidence, direction, inspiration, positive thoughts, drive.
* You will write and record your new life story and listen to it 2 or more times each day.


Kimberly Kelley in session has the ability to diminish your cares and increase your caring.
There’s no prurient oversight, as with some therapists who seem to actually enjoy the sufferings of their clients under the guise of taking their histories. Kimberley hardly needs to know anything about you to help you and that’s partly why she is so effective.
. . .
Plan on a six session immersion over three weeks, even on Zoom, and you’re gonna have more courage and self-respect than you’ve had in years. Don’t know if anyone knows exactly how it really works. Like learning to ride your bike, learning to trust your instincts through this work, has a lasting effect on the psyche.

Susie Harmon, Arizona

“I have tried many methods of release, and many therapists, to unlock the buried memories with no success.  Your loving concern allowed me to feel safe enough to fully and completely release things that really and truly, from the adult me standpoint, are so minor, but to me, the child, were so frightening.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I can now go forward with my life confident in my knowledge that my past will no longer control my actions!!!”

Linda Libelula, Arizona

“Kimberly has been very attuned to my needs. She has helped me determine clearly what I wish to change in my life and offered relevant and concise expertise in assisting me in establishing the solutions on many levels. I experience the difference directly through the manifestations in my life and in the choices I make.

It is well worth my time and effort and highly recommend her for guidance in making life changes. Thank you Kimberly!”

Susan Haindl, Arizona

I have been to a few “conventional therapists“ that just didn’t work for me. I felt rushed and never felt like we were working for a resolution, paying them to listen and getting little feedback.

Finding Kimberly was the greatest possible find for me. I’ve referred several people and will continue to do so. My life has become so much more manageable and I can see even bigger benefits in what I would consider the future of self-healing.

Thank you so much, Kimberly!!” 🙏

Nicole Marie Taylor, Washington

“Skeptical at first until I saw how everything worked and how I incorporated similar technique’s in my own way of communication. I have had vast improvements in all areas Kimberly worked with me in. She programmed me in a way I thought impossible by genetics. Kimberly has become a friend who’s gotten to know me which makes working with her so productive. I have recommended her to family and friends and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve themselves. Thank you so much Kimberly I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.”

Buck Mitchell, Arizona

“Kimberly is amazing. She has great visualizations that make a difference instantaneously. Kimberly is solid, grounded, and has great advice..”

Kathy Hunter, Arizona

My session with Kimberly was very rewarding. She helped me recognize patterns in my life based on falsehoods I had created out of shame, guilt, you name it.

During our meditation session I had an “Aha” moment that has forever shifted my perception of my path in life. I feel as if I am more in control than I ever thought I would be. Thank you Kimberly!

Elizabeth Dean, Arizona

“I was feeling so frustrated with my thoughts so I decided to see Kimberly which was such a blessing.  After listening to me and asking questions she was able to take me to a place where I could feel my fears and thoughts.  I learned what my triggers were along with ways to deal with myself. 
I cannot thank her enough for opening me up to myself.”

Sandy Beard, Arizona

“Had another session with Kim…..She truly is magical in her ability to help center me in the present moment…anxiety steps away! Highly recommend

Marsha Marie, Michigan

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