Choices and Curiosity

Are you watching the news, feeling sad, depressed, angry, afraid? Then wonder why the rest of your life is in the toilet?


The Choice is choosing where to put your attention.  Here’s what I mean. 

We all have a unique set of values.  When you have a high-level value such as “peace” or “joy” (as in, “I value peace and joy in my life above all else”) and you watch the news (I don’t care which outlet), and it creates a feeling of anxiety, anger, or anything OTHER than peace or joy, you WILL feel stress. 

If you value “love” and what you choose to watch, read, or listen to causes you to think, feel or behave outside of love for others, or yourself, you WILL feel stress.  

The same is true of Trust, Faith, Honesty, Integrity, and any other high-level value, even ones such as humor!

Curiosity is saying to yourself “What IS possible?”, “What’s the bigger picture?”, “What can I learn from the experiences 2020 offered?” 

Stress not only takes a toll on our emotional health but also our physical well-being.  

Begin by looking for ways to HONOR yourself by honoring your values. If you’re not honoring yourself or your values, how can you expect others to honor or value you?

The next time you watch the news, listen to someone on YouTube explaining some conspiracy theory, or watch a movie, simply ask yourself, “How does this make me feel?” Fearful? Anxious? Angry? 

Everyone is born with an amazing feedback system so we can make different choices that allow us to up-regulate our emotions; and, in up-regulating our emotions, we change our lives AND those around us.

So, you see?  You have the power of choice . . . to choose how you WANT to feel!

What are YOU struggling with?

If you’d like to make choices more congruent with who you are and who you want to be in order to feel a strong sense of purpose and greater joy in 2021, give me a call.

With love and light,
Kimberly Kelley
(615) 406-3689

Choices and Curiosity

Published by Kimberly Kelley

I'm a cord-cutting expert. I guide clients to let go of anything that prevents them from becoming a calm and happy non-smoker, non-drinker, results oriented thinker with confidence, love, and peace. I am also the Spiritual Director at the Spiritual Center I co-founded in 2017. My play time involves dancing, playing pickleball, working out with my personal trainer, riding my bike and spending time with my family and #1 squeeze, my Shih Tzu, Katie Isabella Kelley.

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