Choices and Curiosity

Are you watching the news, feeling sad, depressed, angry, afraid? Then wonder why the rest of your life is in the toilet? CHOICE AND CURIOSITY The Choice is choosing where to put your attention.  Here’s what I mean.  We all have a unique set of values.  When you have a high-level value such as “peace” or “joy” (as in,Continue reading “Choices and Curiosity”

Are You Living a Colorful Life?

A few months ago, an email came in promoting Matthew McConaughey’s book “Greenlights”.  And well, because it’s, you know, Matthew McConaughey, I was interested in the concept! But I digress. I read the excerpt and contemplated my own greenlights. I thought about the times in my life when literally everything flowed OR when they wentContinue reading “Are You Living a Colorful Life?”

2021 – A Year of Living Passionately

During this time of the CoronaVirus pandemic, it feels like we’ve lost motivation and passion for life. So, instead of looking at what we can’t do or don’t have, find activities that will ignite your passion now and allow it to keep burning long after the Pandemic is just a memory.