Private Sessions & Packages

Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy Coach

Kelley Hypnosis Healing

If you’re ready to make changes, I’m ready to guide you to living the best version of yourself!

How Do You Want to Meet?

  • My Cottonwood office or via FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, or GoTo Meeting.

One-On-One Coaching

  • One-on-one private coaching can be a transformative experience! You receive 100% of my knowledge, tools, and guidance during our time together.  
  • One-on-one coaching allows us to dive deep to explore root causes, enhance clarity and awareness, and finally get you the RESULTS you want!

Working Together

  • Let go of old patterns, addictions, baggage, and out-dated limiting beliefs that have sabotaged you and your goals.
  • Understand your behaviors, navigate your emotions, and retrain your thoughts.
  • Learn to free yourself from excuses and sabotage, stop self-criticism, self-blame, and judgment, and learn to begin to make yourself a priority!
  • Let go of your lifelong battles of self-hatred, shame, and never feeling good enough, and begin to cultivate lasting self-love and acceptance.

Private Sessions and Packages







TimeLine Therapy




These are the most popular packages. More Options are available based on your desired outcomes.

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