Session & Package Details

90-Minute Neuro-Linguistic
Hypnotherapy Session

Hypnotherapy is very useful for resolving simple AND complex issues.

Single Sessions are very effective for simple issues such as returning you to peace and clear thinking after a particularly stressful day, preparing you for an important meeting, changing repetitive negative thoughts.

Sessions are available in my Cottonwood, AZ office or via FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, or GoTo Meeting.

Single Sessions = $125 each

Three or Six 90-Minute
Session Packages

Private sessions run approximately 90 minutes. Many clients find relief for their issue after just one session and a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended to ensure the issue is completely resolved. For more complex issues, 6 sessions would likely be more beneficial.

3 Sessions = $360 | 6 Sessions = $690

Four 120 Minute Sessions
for Re-Imprinting

Similar to TimeLine Therapy®, this process and associated techniques are highly effective for discovering and resolving childhood trauma, and family issues, by redefining their meaning. In this process, you will gain new perspective, confidence and understanding of the dynamics which created the issues.

This new perspective is the key to healing not only the obvious trauma, but other seemingly unrelated issues from your past.

4 Sessions = $595

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Package Details

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